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Herbs, Fruit and Veg that can survive the Aussie Summer!

It’s hot in the shade and the Summer garden isn’t protected as much as you’d like. But you, like us, love gardening and growing your own instead of buying. So we’ve put together a simple guide to these herbs, fruits and vegetables that can be planted successfully throughout Summer.

HERBS – they’re a staple of every meal or so they should be :) and even though it’s a scorcher outside you can keep that flavour strong with these options. Basil – Chives – Coriander – Fennel – Lemongrass – Mint – Parsley.

FRUIT & VEGETABLES – Now to really make the most of that Summer heat you need to taste the sweet and the savoury too. We can’t go past these amazingly resilient fruit and veg options. Artichoke – Beans – Capsicum – Celery – Chinese cabbage – Cucumber.

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