Give Your Pooch a Present: DIY Dog House


Treat your best mate this Christmas with a DIY Dog House! It’ll keep your furry friend protected from the harsh Aussie sun and show them how much they mean to the family. Worx Tools has a simple and DIY friendly guide to building the perfect penthouse for your pet.


  • Exterior grade plywood sheets
  • Treated pine
  • Silicone sealant and construction grade adhesive
  • Galvanised nails and bolts
  • Steel Colour bond roofing, clout nails and insulation (optional)


1 Measuring

First, it’s a good idea to assess how big or small you’d like your companion’s new home to be. If your dog is just a puppy, take into consideration what size they would be once they’ve stopped growing. The space should enable them to stand up, turn around, lay down and curl up with ease.

repair, building and home concept - close up of male hands measuring wood flooring

2 Building Your Base

The floor should be at least 100mm off the ground to allow air circulation and to keep the kennel dry inside.

First, build a subfloor frame from the 100 x 50mm treated pine. Once measured and penciled, use the Worx 20V Circular Saw and cut to length, making sure the ends are square for a strong join.

Lay the pieces on a firm surface and join each corner with 100 x 4.5mm galvanised nails or 75mm x 8 gauge wood screws.

Next, measure and cut the centre subfloor frame cross piece and nail it to the outside pieces and repeat for the two smaller pieces.

Use the Worx 20-volt Lithium-ion WX169L to drill large holes through the subfloor frame to ensure cross-ventilation and allow water to run off.

Finally, cut a piece of 12mm plywood and fix to the subfloor frame.

Screen Shot 2017-11-30 at 8.36.31 AM

3 Doors Before Walls

Make sure you measure the door size before before putting up the walls. Both the front and back walls will overhang and be flush with plywood so that your joins are perfect. It’s a good idea to use construction adhesive between the walls and 40mm x 2mm bullet head galvanised nails.

4 Roofing

With your Worx 750 WX479 Jig Saw, cut out the gables that will hold your roof panels in place, measure the back wall from outside to outside and check that your dimensions are correct.

Temporarily attach the gable to the kennel with some plywood and tack more nails into it.

Cut out the roof sheets, with one being 12mm longer than the other so that it can be joined properly at the ridge. Make sure you leave 125mm of overhanging roof so that any harsh weather is stopped from getting past the door. Hammer the roof onto the gable.


5 Customising

Remember, we want to make sure our best friend stays protected and dry, so use silicone on all the joints inside and out, to stop the rain, harsh sun and fleas from coming in! Take off the temporary gable bracing, get creative with your painting skills and hinge the back wall so you can lift the roof off and keep the kennel nice and clean.

Lastly, give your pooch’s new home some character with a few of their favourite toys or even blankets. Quick, easy and they’ll love you for it. DIY Dog Kennel, done and dusted.

Merry Christmas from Worx Tools

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