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DIY Laptop Stand in Under an Hour

Have you ever found yourself hunched over a keyboard with sore wrists and a stiff back? Well we have, so we built a laptop stand that alleviates wrist stress and helps straighten your posture. And we did it under an hour – which means you can too.

The following guide is based on a 13 inch laptop. Adjust measurements as per your laptop dimensions.


  • Wood: 19mm x 290mm x 1230mm – purchased from any hardware store
  • Timber Screws


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Simple Support Legs

Now we’re going to make the simple leg supports from the remaining wood. On the side closest to you, measure 50mm from the new base up the length. Mark with a dot. Then measure 100mm on the far side and mark with a dot. Take a ruler and a pencil and connect your dots. This is the template for your angled leg supports. Use the 20V Circular Saw to cut straight along this line. Then trace the first leg support onto the remaining wood for your second leg.

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Pilot Holes

Time to measure again so we can figure out where to drill our pilot holes in order to connect the platform and the leg supports. On your rectangular platform, measure 10mm in from the short side (290mm side) and mark three pilot hole points at 30mm down, 145mm down and 260mm down. Repeat this on both sides. Use the 20V Brushless Impact Driver with a small drill bit, to match the size of your screws, to drill pilot holes at the six marked spots.

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Before driving the screws in we want to smooth out our platform and leg supports. Take the 250W Sheet Finishing Sander and run it along all edges to suit. Keeping the sander evenly balanced will give you a cleaner finish.

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Line up the pilot holes with your leg supports, making sure you’ve got the legs angled the same direction. With a steady hand hold the platform to the legs and use the 20V Brushless Impact Driver to screw in your timber screws.

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This project can be finished in under an hour easily for all levels of DIYers. Now you’ve got your own laptop stand you can decorate and modify to best suit your needs and taste.

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