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DIY Upcycled Skateboard

Do you have an old skateboard that’s dinged up from years of use and looking more like a relic than a rad time? It’s time to upcycle, revitalise and retro style that board for a whole new life. With only three Worx Tools and less than an hour of time our resident skate fan took this beaten board and built a new and shreddable version. See the video and read through the whole DIY project below.


  • Old Skateboard Deck
  • New sheet of Grip Tape
  • Skateboard Trucks
  • Skateboard Wheels and Bearings
  • Skateboard Hardware (Nuts & Bolts)



Peel back the old grip tape. If you are having trouble peeling it off, you can use a hair dryer or the 2000W Worx Heat Gun to warm the adhesive.

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Be Creative! We used the skateboards trucks to create an even tail and nose length but you can draw any design in the old skateboard that you want to cut out. It is ideal to outline around the previous holes for the trucks to avoid having to re-drill holes for the trucks.

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Using the Worx 20V Max Lithium-Ion Multi Purpose Saw cut out the outline drawn on the old skateboard.

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Now that you have the new shape it is time to sand. Using the Worx 250W 1/3 Sheet Finishing Sander, Sand out any imperfections in the bottom and around all edges that have been cut to avoid slivers and cutting your ankles.

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New Grip

It’s time to add the new grip tape. Peel the back of the grip tape exposing the adhesive and place on the new board. To prevent air bubbles it is suggested to apply from the middle outwards.

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Once you have the new grip in place you can go around the edge and scrape it down. This makes it easier to cut off the excess grip tape.

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With either a knife or razor blade cut off the excess grip that is not stuck to the board. A simple trick is to put the knife or blade on a 30% angle to prevent catching it on the board.

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Using one of the bolts poke holes through the truck holes on the board. It is easiest to poke through from the bottom as you have the board to guide you.

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After you have all holes poked out its time to attach the trucks. Make sure the trucks are the right way with the kingpin and bushings towards the centre of the board.

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Using the Worx 20V Max Lith-ion Brushless Impact driver and an adjustable wrench tighten the hardware until snug.

Step 7: Shred  

Now that you are done it’s time to shred!

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