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Five Essential Australian Spring Gardening Tips!

Spring is a magical time of year – a spectacular season showcasing the finest clear blue skies, warm water and the blossom of new life! What better way to enjoy the sunshine and witness the transformation of nature than to jump down into the dirt and experience it hands on. A wise gardener once said, “there is no right way to garden” however there are a few tips and tricks to point you in the right direction.


First thing’s first, a little planning goes a long way! Spend an hour over a cup of coffee and learn the simple steps that make all the difference, reading this article is a great start (keep going, you’re doing great).

Next, don’t forget to get your partner, sister or kids involved. A spring garden offers something for everyone, whether it be a rusty old wheelbarrow in need of a garden bed, a strawberry bush yet to be planted or showing the sunflower seeds in the front garden some love. And as for those weeds, if you make it fun, those tedious weeds will soon disappear!

  • Be Realistic:


Plan your time according to your current schedule, not your desired schedule, and carefully select gardening options that cater to your time restraints. Underestimating the time you dedicate to your garden will soon make it a chore and the pleasure of gardening quickly disappears. There are plenty of ways to make a simple to maintain spring garden and the best way to start is with one idea and grow as you go.

  • Scrub up:

Spring is just around the corner and you are patiently waiting for those beautiful flowers to bloom. Now is the perfect time to give your lawn some extra attention. Spring may bring all things beautiful in nature however there are some nasty surprises lurking for the unprepared gardener.

The Australian Spring and Summer seasons are very kind to the Soliva Sessilis, more commonly referred to as the ‘Bindi Patch’. These little buggers are painfully annoying to get rid of so it’s best to get them before they strike.

Hit two birds with one stone! As you loosen up the soil with some moisture and nutrients it’s a smart time to remove those extra weeds starting to peak out of the garden bed. The rule of thumb is the earlier you start the less work there is to do later. Not only are you cutting the job in two but you are preventing the spread of seeds and roots before they’re amplified by the spring sun, and new moisture and nutrients you are ready to add. You can see the Worx 40V Gardening Range here.

  • Stay sharp:

Keep a little more extra cash in your wallet this spring with a few easy to learn tricks in revitalising old tools. Whether you have built a collection of old rusty tools in need of rescue yourself or have inherited them from family, this neat trick is simple and will save you a fortune.

Air compressors are great for blowing unwanted dust, and loose rust out of hard to reach cavities. Wetting down well rusted surfaces with some Kerosene used as a cutting lubricant and applying an abrasive tool in back and forth movements is perfect to brush away the rust without marrying the surface. Another great trick to remove rust from old tools is soaking them in a bucket of cheap cleaning grade white vinegar overnight and applying various grades of sandpaper depending on the degree of rust.

The best trick I have found for sharpening old tools to make friends in a woodworking hobbyist or carpenter. Next to this however if you can get yourself access to a sharpening wheel you are just as easily able to do it yourself.

If you’re old trimmers are busted like the ones below then step up your game with the Worx 40V MAX LITHIUM-ION GRASS TRIMMER


  • Freshen Up:

A sure way to start your spring gardening season off with a bang is to cut away the dead growth first. By simply freshening up those permanent garden features you will make a drastic step forward in presentation and allow the spring seasonal flowers to fit right in.


Some fresh mulch here and quick trim there will allow new growth to reach through and sprout well before you know it.

  • Recycle:

One man’s junk is another man’s garden treasure! You may be surprised to see just how many bin items you throw away could be recycled yourself at home and in the garden. Check out our top favourites below:

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