DIY Vinyl Album Storage

If you’re an audiophile, an interior designer or have inherited an amazing vinyl collection then you want to show off the cool factor! Stacking records doesn’t allow for easy sorting and book-shelving them is just as hard to flick through and find the artist perfect for your mood. The Worx Australia DIY Vinyl Album Storage Project will take less than an hour and allows you, and friends to select and play vinyl with ease – plus it only requires 4 Worx tools to complete!

Watch the video then follow the instructions to whip up your own DIY Vinyl Album Storage.


  • 140mm x 19mm @ 2.4M Pine
  • 89mm x 19mm @1.8M Pine
  • Wood Varnish
  • 30mm 8M Countersunk Screws



Step 1: Measuring 

Using the 140mm x 19mm Pine board measure out 2 pieces at 350mm long with 25mm minimum between the two pieces. These will be used at the uprights that will hold the records from falling.


With the 89mm x 19mm Pine board measure out 2 pieces at 400mm long. These will be used as the base to hold the uprights.


Step 2: Cutting

With the Worx 20V Max Lithium-ion Circular Saw, you will need to change the angle of the blade for cutting the uprights so they are flush with the bottom. We chose to make it at 38 degree bevel but you can play around with angles for your desired outcome.


Using the Worx 20V Max Lithium-ion Circular Saw with the 38 degree bevel, cut the two pieces of 140mm x 19mm @ 350mm. With this you need to make sure that the bevel of the saw is in towards the 140mm x 19mm @ 350mm piece so that both pieces will have the same angle.


Setting the Worx 20V Max Lithium-ion Circular Saw back to a 0 degree bevel you can now cut the two pieces of 89mm x 19mm @ 400mm for the base.


Step 3: Sanding

Using the Worx 250W 1/3 Sheet Finishing Sander, sand all edges and surfaces until smooth.


Step 4: Measuring 

Now that you have all pieces cut out, you will need to measure the where you will screw the base onto the uprights. It will come in hand having a Bevel Square to measure these angles. With the 89mm x 19mm @ 400mm pieces, measure in from each side on the top of the piece 70mm and mark it with with a pencil. From here grab your bevel square and set it to 38 degrees to match the bevel on the uprights. Trace the line on the square when it is lined up with the 70mm marks. Also using a tape measure, mark on each of the lines 5mm from each end on the inside of the line. These will be used as the spots to pre-drill.


Step 5: Pre-Drill

Using the Worx 20V H3 Drill pre-drill all of the marks on the 2 pieces of  89mm x 19mm @ 400mm Pine. This will insure that there is no cracking when screwing it all together.


Step 6: Assembly

Now comes time to assemble it all together. It may get a bit difficult but patience is the key. With the upright on its edge, line it up with the base so that the bevel on the upright is flush with the bottom and the edge is on the 38 degree line we drew on the base. The first one will be the most difficult to screw but once everything is lined up screw it into place with 30mm 8M Countersunk Screws using the Worx 20V Max Lith-ion Brushless Impact driver. Copy this step for the other side and then flip it over to complete the other side.

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Step 7: Varnishing 

Now comes the last step to varnish the record holder. We chose to use a spray can of varnish but any other application will work just as well. Make sure to varnish all exposed wood. Once dry you can bring it inside and load it up with all of your records.



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