DIY Fruit and Veg Box

Made with only one Worx 20V Battery!

Are you looking for a simple way to store your fruit and veg in the kitchen? You could go out and buy a plastic bowl but as we’re about to move into plastic free July (a national movement to limit the amount of single use plastic used) why not do it yourself?

Here is an easy, hour long project that you can do over a weekend and surprise your partner with an awesome DIY Fruit and Veg Box.

Material and Tool list

  • Worx 20V H3 Drill
  • Worx 20V Sonicrafter
  • Worx 20V WorxSaw
  • Eye protection
  • Ear protection
  • Tape Measure
  • Clamps
  • Speed square
  • Pencil
  • Phlllips driver
  • 1/8 drill bit
  • 30mm countersinking screws
  • 2  20mm x 40mm x 2400mm pieces of Pine
  • 1  20mm x 140mm x 2400mm

Step 1 – Measuring

  • Measure both pieces of the 20mm x 40mm x 2400mm into 8 separate 300mm long sections for the cross beams.


  • Measure 4 Trapazoids into the 20mm x 140mm x 2400mm with the top being 380mm long and the bottom 220mm long. To obtain the 220mm being in the centre of the 380mm, measure in 80mm from either side. These will be used as the ends of each basket.MVI_9969.00_00_09_15.Still005
  • For our up-rights we used a piece from the scrap pile. It was 20mm x 240mm x 380mm and we cut it in half to use both 20mm x 120mm x 380mm. (their will left over 20mm x 140mm that can be used for this)


Step 2 – Cutting


  • Use the Worx 20V WorxSaw to cut all of the pieces you have measured. It is always good to clamp your wood before cutting to make it the safest it can be.  Remember measure twice, cut once.


Step 3 – Sanding


  • Use the Worx 20V Sonicrafter with the sanding head to sand all rough edges.

Step 4 – Measure


  • Measure in 10mm from the end and 20mm from the sides of the 16 pieces of 20mm x 40mm x 300mm pieces that you have just cut. These will be the marks that you pre drill using the Worx 20V H3 Drill and a 1/8 drill bit to prevent the wood splitting when screwing them in.
  • Also on the 2 20mm x 120mm x 380mm pre drill 4 holes on each end for when it comes time to join the baskets. From both ends measure in 40mm and 100mm and from the side 30mm and 90mm

Step 5 – Putting it together


  • From here we are able to start putting it together.  As there are 2 boxes you will do these steps twice to make both boxes.


  • On the bottom the two ends will be joined by 4 cross beams as well as 2 for each side. The beams will be spaced with 20mm spaces between them with the ends being flush with the corners. Once spaced properly you can use your Worx 20V H3 Drill with a #2 Phillips driver and your 30mm countersunk screws to join everything together.


  • Once completing the bottom, you can move on to doing the sides. The top beam will be flush with the corner on the top and the second beam will be spaced between the top beam and the end beam on the bottom. the correct spacing is 40mm from top beam and the bottom beam.


  • After assembling both boxes it’s time to connect them together. Use the two 20mm x 120mm x 380mm to connect them on both ends. To have ample room to reach in the bottom basket space the top basket 100mm from the bottom basket and make sure the uprights are centred. Screw them in and your brand new fruit and veg box is complete.

Now it’s time to surprise your partner by putting it in the kitchen and loading it up with all your fresh produce.

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