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DIY Project: Ultimate beer holder

Are you ready for a few party-side compliments? Just taking this beer holder and cooler out of the house had tongues wagging. Above you can see how easy it is to build with just a few power tools. Below is the supplies and method to see it through.


– 1000mm x 250mm x 19mm pine board
– 500mm of pine trim
– 40mm screws
– Paint or stain
– Bottle opener
– Freezer ice pack
– Handle


– Safety glasses
– Hearing protection
– Worx 20V H3 Drill
– Worx 20V Sonicrafter
– Worx 20V WorxSaw
– Square
– Pencil
– Clamps
– Drill Bits
– Driver Bits

Step 1:
Using the pine board, measure and mark out the base – 200mm x 150mm, end walls x 2 – 150mm x 230mm, centre divider – 200mm x 180mm and the pine trim side walls x 2 – 240mm long.

Step 2:
Using the Worx 20V WorxSaw, cut out the pieces marked out in the previous step.

Step 3:
Take both 150mm x 230mm end walls. From the 150mm edge, mark up 115mm on both sides. At the opposite end mark in from the 230mm edge 65mm, repeat step from other side. Now join lines on both sides using a straight edge, and cut using the 20V Worxsaw.

Step 4:
Now using the Worx 20V Sonicrafter and sanding head, smooth out all cut edges.

Step 5:
With one end wall, place your bottle opener on the top end, making sure it is center (this is important as these holes will screw into the center divider later on). Mark center holes on the bottle opener and with your Worx H3 drill through both the bottle opener and the end wall using a 1/8 drill bit.

Step 6:
Time for assembly. Make sure to pre-drill all holes with a 1/8 drill bit. This pilot hole will ensure that no splitting of the wood will occur while screwing pieces together. Center the base to the end walls, and drive in screws using the Worx H3 Driver and a driver bit. Now with the pine trim side walls, measure up from the base to allow for the freezer ice brick to slide in and out underneath. Square the ends of the side wall to the end walls. Now using the 1/8 drill bit drill a pilot hole, and then drive in screws. Repeat for other side.

Step 7:
Now its time to insert the center divider. Use a rule to ensure that the divider is central to both sides and flush at the top end of the end walls. Once square drive screws through the bottle opener, end wall and into the center divider end. Repeat process on the other end without the bottle opener.

Step 8:
Measure out center on the top edge of the center divider. Measure and mark center of the divider to the handle. Now Drill a 1/8 pilot hole using the Worx H3 drill. Remove the end wall bottle opener screws so that all is left is the wooden product.

Step 9:
Paint all sides using a paint or stain of your choice. We chose a lighter canned stain for ease of use, but a tin and paintbrush will work just as well.

Step 10:
Reinstall Bottle opener and end wall screws, and screw in the top handle. Beer Time!

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