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Worx: Simple 10 Step Guide to Build an Eco Grocery Basket

A single-use plastic-free existence is tough, if not impossible for the everyday Australian but we can make minor changes to our routine that help! Worx Tools have teamed up with NSW DIYer Codie to make this awesome and super simple wooden grocery basket that doubles as a rear bike basket. We used reclaimed timber, some old rope and pex piping to build the eco grocery basket in under an hour. Here’s a quick guide so you can get involved.



  • 1 x 3m long x 130mm wide tongue and groove board – we used left over tongue and groove flooring, but anything will do, either recycled wood or new material straight from your local hardware store.
  • 1 x 390mm x 240mm x 12mm pine board
  • 1 x 30mm x 30mm x 1000mm square pine
  • Wood screws
  • 1.5m of rope
  • 20cm of small diameter pex pipe
  • Wood stain or paint IMG_9108

Tools Required:


Step 1: Measure and mark required lengths of wood using the WorxSaw while guided by a square to ensure clean, straight cuts. Lengths you will require:

  • 4 x 240mm tongue and Groove board sor side walls
  • 4 x 415mm tongue and groove board for side walls
  • 4 x 170mm square pine for basket wall supports
  • 1 x 240 x 390 pine board for basket base 


Step 2: Cut two 240mm and two 415mm long tongue and groove boards in half down the centre using the WorxSaw. Cutting these in half will provide the required height of the basket walls once assembled.

Step 3: Sand down all cut edges using the Worx 20V Sonicrafter with a sanding head attachment. This will ensure a smooth finish on all cut edges.


Step 4: Using the Worx 20V H3 3 in1 Hammer, Drill and Screw Driver and screws, fasten the four 170mm square lengths to each corner of the 240mm x 390mm board. These four lengths will be the internal supports for the basket walls.


Step 5: Mate your tongue and groove lengths, one full width length and one half width length per wall.

Step 6: Screw one assembled 240mm long wall flush to the square wall supports using a driver and screws. Now repeat wall assembly for opposite wall end. Now that you have your ends go ahead and line up the 415mm length walls square and screw into square wall supports.



Step 7: Measure and mark 120mm in from each end of the 415mm walls on both sides. Drill a pilot hole in these locations using a small drill bit. Expand all four holes with a ½ Inch drill bit, or a size just larger than the rope you are going to use for the basket handles.


Step 8: Using pex pipe with a diameter slightly larger than the rope handle, cut two lengths of pex to 12mm using the Worx 20V Sonicrafter with a cutting head attachment.




Step 9: Stain or paint basket inside and to desired colour in order to protect from the elements. We used a decking stain available at your local hardware store.


Step 10: Once dry feed rope through drilled holes in side walls and through pex hand drip lengths and knot each end of rope.



Now you’re ready to ride, walk or drive to the store and fill up your freshly stylish wooden grocery box. If you’ve got other great DIY projects that will help the environment and your daily life then please comment and we’ll try and make them!

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