Reclaimed wood: Why use it?

Do you prefer interesting design over faultlessly sterile beige woodwork? If so then using reclaimed wood for carpentry and projects around the home is a great way to shake things up. Worx Tools love a kooky project that goes into the unusual so we’ve compiled a list of reasons you should use reclaimed for your next project.


First off, what is reclaimed wood?

These pieces of timber once formed the frame of old wooden structures like barns, houses, cottages, railroads and other cool old stuff! The salvaged wood is then mended or ripped apart so as to remove nails and create as straight and symmetrical a plank as possible while still keeping the original style. Some people think that this wood has lost its density and strength but this isn’t true and the recycled wood is now ready for construction purposes.

35 reasons to use reclaimed wood!

#1 It’s vintage and has character! Each piece of reclaimed wood is different and when the project is complete you’ve created something completely original with a story to tell.

#2 An aged piece of reclaimed wood is stable. Age acts to dry, or season the wood and makes it less likely to cup, twist or otherwise move. As a result, reclaimed wood is more dimensionally stable and easier to work with.

#3 It’s environmentally responsible: Using reclaimed wood reduces the amount of emissions associated with the logging, processing, and transportation of new wood so you’re doing something good while also being super stylish!

#4: The stories! You may hear people refer to reclaimed wood as “historical wood” or “story wood” because every board tells a tale. Think of the dinner party conversation that would stem from a table made of reclaimed wood from an old prison or a local railway track. While you build your own stories in your home why not add some from a bygone era.5

#5: Old products are usually quality products. Most reclaimed wood is old growth wood and was harvested at a time when the trees grew slowly. Slow growth means a tight, dense grain. Simply put, reclaimed woods offer superior quality and durability that you can’t find in today’s market.

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