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Worx DIY Smartphone Stand in 6 simple steps

Smartphones end up glued to your hand for far too many hours every day. When you finally put the phone down to eat, work or sleep you want to make sure it looks awesome and that it’s not going to take a tumble and crack the screen.

smartphone holder

It doesn’t matter if you’re a tradesperson or a weekend DIYer, this smart phone stand project is a great way to impress your family and can also be an awesome gift idea for tech savvy friends that can easily be made at home.

Step 1: Pick your wood

You can use any kind of wood you want.


Step 2: Cut to size

The size of your phone stand mostly depends on the size of your phone and how big you want it to be. The sizes for mine range from about 140mm X 82mm in to 158mm X  76mm.

Step 3: Cut and angle the groove

You can use the Worx Worxsaw XL to cut the groove that the phone sits in. You can adjust the blade to cut a slit about halfway through the wood. The deeper the groove the better as it will hold your phone in place more securely. The width that works best for the majority of smartphone’s is approximately 88mm but please measure your own first to ensure a good fit. You will need to make multiple cuts in order to get your desired width.

Cutting a slight angle into the groove allows the phone to sit at a bit of angle so you can view media easily while also being secure enough to swipe across the screen.

Screen Shot 2017-02-14 at 11.24.33 AM

Step 5: Smooth out the groove

To ensure a smooth base of the smartphone stand you can get a piece of wood slightly smaller than the width of the groove. Wrap sandpaper around it and sand back any lumps or bumps.

step 5

Step 6: Seal the deal

You can seal the smartphone stand with your choice of clear finish to accentuate the wood grain or leave it raw. Now you’re done and ready to impress with this great gift or keep your smartphone stand for yourself and make another for friends.

Step 6

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