DIY Indoor Kitchen Herb Garden


How many times have you forgotten to add fresh herbs to a meal because the garden was out of sight? Worx Tools is here to help with a project building a simple herb garden to live your kitchen.

When Worx Tools sees an awesome DIY project like this then we have to share. We believe that you are capable of making anything you can imagine, as long as you have the right tools.

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  • Simple Instructions: When you finish a vegemite jar or any jar for that matter – save it! Once you’ve kept three then you’re ready to start. Take a piece of wood of your choosing and draw around the base of the mason jars to create your pattern.



Your new DIY Indoor Kitchen Herb Garden will always be close at hand and you’ll always have the tastiest treats.

This project was first seen on foodfamilyfinds.com and they’re fantastic photographs were shared.


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