WORX Tools Summer Surf Hack!

As the water temperatures around Australia heat up for Summer it’s time to pull your surfboards out of storage, wax up and hit the beaches! Worx Tools are here to slide you a Summer Surf Hack so you can store your boards easily between sundown and sun up!

Instead of stacking boards in the garage, risking a cracked rail or snapped fin it’s time for a quick DIY project. Word Tools have gathered a collection of simply inspirational surf racks to help you sail through summer.

All designs require a 20V MAX Lith-Ion Brushless Drill Driver and when needing to make any cuts, we recommend using a 550W Jigsaw or 800W Reciprocating Saw.

  1. The Vertical

Perfect if you have the floor/wall space to store and display your boards!


Head to Tidal Push for how-to’s! 

2. The Book/Surf Case

Combine your pastimes into a centrepiece for your home, adding character and charm to your organisation! If you make this one, let us know!! We want to see your skills.


Image sourced from Pinterest

3. The Horizontal

This technique uses a 1″ Hole saw bit (if using 3/4″ PVC pipe for board supports). If you do not have this drill bit it may be worth purchasing one from your local Mitre 10, Home, Masters or Stratco.



Does this surf rack suit your storage space? Check out the link here 

4. Hang Ten

For those who want to put their boards on display around the house, or only have a few to store, this one’s a goodie!



DIY instructions can be found on floatstories.com.au

As you can see there are a lot of different ways you can store your surfboards at home. Word Tools hopes these inspire you to organise your boards in a creative way, and give yourself space… for more boards!
The DIY projects we have included are definitely on the cheaper/affordable side. So what are you waiting for, show off your skills out of the water and get creative this Summer!

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