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Are You Storm Ready?

The harsh effects of a storm risks damaging your house and garden. So, to make sure that you are prepared, Worx Tools Australia have put together a list of the things you can do to minimise the risk of damage this winter season!

Before the storm: Check your roof regularly to make sure it’s in good condition. Your roof is the closest point of impact  so will suffer the most damage. This could mean checking the proper draining systems are in place and are cleared of debris. So check all the gutters, drains and downpipes of leaves and debris that could clog the water trying to  escape from your roof. Pooling water on the roof can lead to leaks and ceiling collapses so while you’re cleaning your gutter, keep an eye out for erosion, termite and  previous weather damage that could weaken your home.

To clear from your property:
-Bikes, Canoes, Surfboards
-Gardening Poisons
-Electrical Tools

Making sure that you know how to turn off your gas and water safely is a big time saver when a storm is approaching. Also, knowing the optimal room to wait out the storm’s ferocity is essential –  in most homes this tends to be the bathroom. Waterproof structures, including tiling and grout will keep the water out and the hard, solid in-room fixtures, i.e a bathtub or door frame, are a great place for protection, especially if you are in a cyclone-prone area.

Check that your insurance is up to date. Generally there’s nothing worse then trying to contact your insurance man and after a serious storm they’re nearly impossible to get in contact with.

When the storm hits:
-Stay away from windows
-Put towels along windowsills to makes sure no water gets in
-Move to the safest room in the house
-Avoid using technology
-Cover low-lying outlets

We hope you have a safe and happy winter with lots of hot chocolate and DIY projects..

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