Why Every Woodworker and Carpenter Needs to Make a Chessboard!

If you can turn this…

chess sticks

Into this…

chess board

…then you will make one hell of a chess master!

Chess, the game that highlights one’s intellect, strategy and lateral thinking, is commonly thought of as a place where geniuses are made. The true test of a great chess player is not how fast you ‘checkmate’, but how precise you build the chessboard you play on. Let’s break it down…

Skills of a woodworker

  • Strategic planning and foresight
  • Focus on intricate details
  • Dedication to mastering skills
  • Able to creatively solve difficult problems

Skills of a chess player

  • Problem solving skills
  • Strategic planning and foresight
  • Dedication and practice
  • Creative thinking

Therefore if you have the skills of a Woodworker or Carpenter then you can not only build a chessboard, but you can master the game of chess.

First seen on, follow the link for your guide to building a chessboard and becoming the chess master you always were.

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