DIY Wooden Beer Crates for $10

We stumbled across this gem of a DIY project on and we just had to share it.  

Have you ever had bottles of your valuable home brew smash together in transit? Or made it all the way to the door of a bbq you’re invited to, and dropped your pricey craft beers right there on the doorstep? With a securely fitting DIY Beer Crate your beverages will always arrive intact, and ready to impress.


Take a few hours out of your day and build yourself a beer crate that will only set you back $10. Once you’ve completed the basic design, then you can jazz it up by ageing the wood with vinegar, covering the sides with chalkboard paint or even engrave yours or your family crest on the lid.


Whether you’re looking for an easy way to store and age your home brew, or looking to add some rustic style to your weekend beers, this is definitely the home project for you.

Simple to complete – Using rope, your own selection of timber, a Worxsaw XL and a drill.

ToolsWorxsaw XLDrill


  • 1- 2.5cm x 30cm x 2.43m Pine Board
  • 2- 70cm x 70cm x 0.63cm Birch Panel
  • Glue
  • Screws
  • Rope




For a step by step guide to building your own Beer Crate, follow along here.

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