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Become Your Own Landscape Architect

Hiring a Landscape Architect can cost anywhere from $70-250 per hour! That’s a lot of cheddar, so we here at WORX have constructed a how-to guide that will save you stacks of cash, as well as give you the chance to learn and get creative in your backyard.

First things first:

What is landscape architecture? Landscape architecture is the art of utilising space, to create functional and aesthetically sound environments.

What does a landscape architect do?  Landscape architecture involves all elements of the planning process behind garden infrastructure, such as: landscape design, site planning, stormwater management, environmental restoration, green infrastructure planning and provision. They integrate lifestyle with environment:  


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As you can see, it’s pretty complex! Let’s break it down into backyard sized steps.



Time for some research! Think about:

  1. Garden Themes: If you have an ultra modern/minimalist home perhaps a crisp Japanese inspired garden would be best. Or maybe you have an old-school terrace that would be complemented by a rugged cottage layout with plenty of colourful flowers. Factor in how much maintenance you have time for when in this stage of planning.
  2. Choose your plants: This is the fun part! Trawl blogs and websites to discover plants that will suit your chosen theme. Take into account the environment and climate to make sure what you choose is feasible.
  3. Know your grounds: Find out your soil type and pH levels. This will play a massive factor as to what type of gardens you will be able to create.
  4. Measurement: Take measurements of your backyard and don’t forget to account for infrastructure such as decks and sheds! Get yourself set up with a big piece of paper, pens, a calculator and a good ruler. Lay down your measurements and create a D.I.Y blueprint to work from.


5. Utilise: When filling out your backyard blueprint, get creative and utilise your space! For example if you only have a small courtyard, create a vertical (wall) garden. It will give you more room for an outdoor setting, and guests will always be impressed.

6. Budget & Timeline: Cost up your project, accounting for supplies and labor. Finally, develop a timeframe in which your project will be finished.




  1. Stick to your budget: Whether you’re building upon the framework of what already exists, or completely gutting your whole garden, it’s important to stick to your budget! One of the biggest mistakes you can make as a Landscape Architect is to run out of money halfway through the project.
  2. Be involved: You may have orchestrated a master garden plan, but don’t just leave everything to the labourers. Getting amongst the actual work will give you peace of mind that things are being done properly – also we think that the D.I.Y is the best bit!

Now it’s time to sit back, relax and gaze upon your fine work.

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