WG546E, turbine blower

Putting the wind up garden debris

Tired of fighting the losing battle against debris in your backyard? WORX Tools is proud to unleash the WORX Air Turbine 20V Cordless Blower into Australian backyards. Giving Australian backyards an upper hand against leaf litter, grass clippings and garden debris, the Air Turbine is a must have this Autumn.

WG546E.1-FwebThe 20V Air Turbine Cordless Leaf Blower uses turbine fan technology to deliver 145 km/h of forceful, high-capacity air volume. The blower over-delivers for what is expected from a regular 20V blower. It features a Hyper-Stream directional air nozzle for extra tough conditions, and two speed controls to switch between lighter and tougher jobs.

The High-Capacity 20V MaxLithium battery provides cordless convenience to go anywhere without sacrificing on power, while still remaining lightweight and ergonomic for simple, one-hand operation. The tool-free assembly is also designed to be quick and easy. The battery is compatible with the WORX 20V garden range.

The innovative turbine technology works by pulling in and pressurising a high volume of air, and then releasing a powerful 340 CFM* to deliver superior control over leaves and debris. The directional nozzle allows you to continue to focus on a particular area and increase airspeed, all the while maintaining volume.

WORX is so confident about their 20V Turbine Cordless Blower, that they offer a 30 day guarantee on top of their 3 year warranty.


20V TURBINE Cordless Blower               WG546E.1WG546E.1web

Rated Voltage                                        20V MAX*

Battery Capacity                                     4.0 Ah

Air Speed                                              145 km/h

Air Volume                                             225 CFM (cubic feet per minute*) / 340 CFM

Battery Type                                          20V Li-Ion

Run Time                                               Up to 35 mins

Charging Time                                       120 min (approx.)

Machine Weight                                     2.6 kg

Warranty                                                3 Years

*Voltage measured without workload. Initial battery voltage reaches maximum of 20 volts. Nominal voltage is 18 volts.

What’s Included:

20V TURBINE Cordless Blower x 1

20V MaxLithium Battery x 1

20V MaxLithium Charger x 1

WORX 20V AIR TURBINE Cordless Leaf Blower RRP: $229.00

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