Self-Watering Herb Gardens… here’s a quick and easy D.I.Y

It could’ve been the Aussie climate, or maybe you’re just too busy to be constantly catering to the thirsty needs of your green friends. This “how-to” is for anyone who’s ever had their favourite plant die on them.

It’s easy to get started; grab some wood (breaking down an old pallet or fence palings is a great way to keep your project eco-friendly), a few bits of old plastic pipe PVC or garden hose), some liner (try an old shower curtain) and fertiliser.

To keep it all together you’ll only need a saw and screwdriver. For a breakdown on how to construct the box and irrigation system click here.

There’s heaps of different ways to build your planter:


Images sourced from Feedback Organic


This diagram will give you a bit of an idea of what’s happening underneath the soil.image002 (1)

You are creating a mini irrigation system, which relies on something called “Transpiration Pull”. If you’d like to get your science on, and really delve into the “how”, click here.



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